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Fujitsu 3.5" 640MB MO Drive, (External FireWire Model)

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Name:Fujitsu 3.5" 640MB MO Drive, (External FireWire Model)
Retail Price:RM1,988.00

Fujitsu takes the convenience of magneto-optical (MO) technology to exciting new levels with the DynaMO 640FE and DynaMO 1300FE drives. At 640MB and 1.3GB capacities, these state-of-the-art drives feature the new FireWire interface - the highest performing and easiest-to-use external drive interface on the market today. The speed and simplicity of FireWire together with the reliability and backwards compatibility of MO technology make the DynaMO 640FE and DynaMO 1300FE superior removable storage solutions.

High-Performance Storage
The DynaMO 640FE and DynaMO 1300FE provide high-capacity, high-reliability storage. The 400 Mbits/sec. DynaMO FireWire interface is five times faster than SCSI-2. Offering 5.9MB/sec. data transfer rates and up to 1.3GB of storage, these DynaMO drives are perfect for capturing video, audio, large graphic files and other demanding applications.

Hot, New FireWire Connectivity
DynaMO 640FE and DynaMO 1300FE feature FireWire - the hottest advancement in connectivity. FireWire makes adding a DynaMO drive as easy as plugging in a phone. There are no device IDs or terminators to configure, and no need to turn off or restart the computer to add the drive. Just plug it in and go.

Protecting Investments in Data
Fujitsu 3.5-inch MO disks are extremely rugged and highly tolerant of the problems that plague magnetic media. Shock, vibration, moisture, dust and magnetic fields won't destroy data stored on a MO disk. Each disk comes with a lifetime warranty and because of their ruggedness, they make the perfect medium for office, home or industry.

Multiple Disk Options
The DynaMO 640FE and DynaMO 1300FE are read/write compatible with all ISO compliant, 3.5-inch disk capacities: 640MB, 540MB, 230MB and 128MB, as well as Over-Write disks. Using Over-Write disks can increase write performance by up to 50%. The DynaMO 1300FE can also read and write to 1.3GB GIGAMO standard disks. No other storage solution offers as many options to tailor the media selection to the application while providing such a high level of investment protection and affordability.


Fast, easy-to-use FireWire™ connectivity
Data transfer rates up to 5.9 MB/sec
400 Mbits/sec. FireWire interface
Dust, liquids and magnets will not affect data stored on MO disks
Unlimited rewrite capability on MO disks
1.3GB, 640MB, 540MB, 230MB or 128MB rewritable disk options

Features DynaMO 640FE / DynaMO 1300FE DynaMO 1300FE

Functional Specifications
Storage Capacity by Disk 128MB 230MB 540MB 640MB 1.3 GB
Standard ISO/IEC 10090 ISO/IEC 13963 ISO/IEC 15041 GIGAMO
Sector capacity 512 Bytes 2,048 Bytes
Format 90 mm
Interface IEEE 1394 (FireWire)
Data transfer rate
Drive - 640FE 1.1 MB/s 1.3-2.1 MB/s 2.3-3.9 MB/s N/A
Drive - 1300FE 1.3 MB/s 1.6-2.6 MB/s 2.9-4.9 MB/s 3.4-5.9 MB/s
Interface 400 Mbits/s
Recording density (BPI) 24,400 29,300 52,900 89,100
Track density (TPI) 15,875 18,275 23,090 28,200
Random Seek Time 28 ms
Average latency time 8.3 ms (640FE) / 6.7 ms (1300FE) 9.3 ms
Rotational speed 3,600 RPM (640FE) / 4,500 RPM (1300FE) 3,214 RPM
Recording code 2-7 RLLC 1-7 RLLC
Load/unload time 7 sec. / 4 sec. (640FE)
8 sec. / 4 sec. (1300FE) 12 sec. /
4 sec.
Buffer size 512 KB

Physical Specifications
Power requirement
AC adapter 100-240 V AC
1394 power 8-33 V DC (9W)
(H x W x D) 33 mm x 121.5 mm x 225 mm
Weight 900 g or less
Ambient temperature
Operating 5° C - 35° C
Non operating 0° C - 50° C
Gradient 15° C/h (operating)
Relative humidity 10 to 85% (non-condensing)
Acoustic Noise 35 dBA or less
Operating 0.4 G (5 to 500Hz)
Non operating 1.0 G (5 to 500Hz)
Operating 2.0 G (10 ms)
Non operating 50.0 G (10 ms)
Operating 3,000 m
Non operating 12,000 m
Limited Warranty 1 year (from date of purchase) / includes No Excuses End User Replacement Program


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