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Fujitsu 3.5" 640MB MO Drive, Internal IDE Model

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Name:Fujitsu 3.5" 640MB MO Drive, Internal IDE Model
Retail Price:RM1,488.00

High-Performance Storage
Fujitsu's DynaMO 640AI internal ATAPI kit delivers on today's requirements for dependable data storage. Peak performance, high capacity and disk reliability give you everything you need to run applications, back-up entire systems, and archive large files. The DynaMO 640AI's fast ATAPI interface supports burst transfer rates up to 16MB per second (DMA Mode 2). Using an Over Write (OW) MO disk can improve write performance up to 50% over standard MO disks. MO disks are ideal for graphic, CAD/CAM, desktop publishing and other demanding applications that generate large files. Very low latency and seek times enable the DynaMO 640AI to be almost as responsive as a hard disk drive, yet offer the flexibility of removable media, giving you unlimited storage capacity.

Quick and Easy Installation
The DynaMO 640AI internal kit comes with all the components necessary to install it directly into your desktop PC system. Contents include a 5.25" PC-compatible mounting frame kit, an internal interface cable, internal power cable, and drivers and formatters for Windows® 9x, Windows 3.1, Windows NT4.0, and OS/2. It also comes complete with an installation guide, a 640MB cartridge, and DataSaver Personal Backup Utility™ for Windows, giving you a complete end-user solution right out of the box.

Rely on Fujitsu MO disks
Your valuable data represents a sizeable investment. If you are serious about keeping your investment safe there is no practical substitute for the superior reliability of MO disks. They are rugged enough to withstand hostile environmental conditions, such as moisture, dust, shock, vibration, magnetic fields and X-rays. MO disks protect your data better than ordinary magnetic media. Whether you are transporting, backing-up or archiving, you can depend on DynaMO and MO media.

Wide Range of Disk Capacities
The DynaMO 640AI can read and write to every capacity of ISO compatible media including, 540MB, 230MB and 128MB. Backward compatibility means that your investment in previous capacities is protected as well. No other removable storage solution offers as many options. Whatever shape your storage needs come in DynaMO offers the flexability and security to meet them.

Multiple-Platform Support
Windows 3.1x
Windows NT 4.0

Rugged, removable, 3.5" MO disks
Each MO disk has unlimited rewrite capability
Fast data transfer rate and access speed
Run applications directly from MO disks
Safe, reliable, back-up and archiving
Choose from a variety of MO disk capacities 640MB, 540MB, 230MB, and 128MB
Connect to any PC via an EIDE cable

Features DynaMO 640AI

Disk Format 90 mm MO disk
ISO/IEC/10090 90 mm MO disk
ISO/IEC/13963 90 mm MO disk
Storage Capacity
Unformatted 181 MB 325 MB 819 MB 818 MB
Formatted 128 MB 230 MB 538 MB 643 MB
Zones -- 10 18 11
Track capacity (formatted) 12,800 Bytes 12,800 Bytes (logical) 12,800 Bytes (logical) 34,816 Bytes (logical)
Track/side 10,000 17,940 (logical) 42,042 (logical) 18,480 (logical)
Sectors/track 25 25 (logical) 25 (logical) 17 (logical)
Sector capacity (formatted) 512 Bytes 512 Bytes 512 Bytes 2,048 Bytes
Seek Time *1
Random seek *2 28 ms typ. 28 ms typ. 28 ms typ. 28 ms typ.
Full stroke 60 ms typ. 60 ms typ. 60 ms typ. 60 ms typ.
Average latency time 8.3 ms 8.3 ms 8.3 ms 8.3 ms
Rotational speed 3600 rpm 3600 rpm 3600 rpm 3600 rpm
Recording density 24,400 BPI 29,300 BPI 52,900 BPI 52,900 BPI
Track density 15,875 TPI 18,256 TPI 23,090 TPI 23,090 TPI
Data transfer rate
to/from media (max) 1.09 MB/s 1.3 to 2.1 MB/s 2.3 to 3.9 MB/s 2.3 to 3.9 MB/s
(continuous write) 0.256 MB/s 0.31 to 0.49 MB/s 0.51 to 0.86 MB/s 0.61 to 1.02 MB/s
(continuous overwrite) -- 0.46 to 0.7 MB/s 0.72 to 1.29 MB/s 0.92 to 1.53 MB/s
(continuous read) 0.76 MB/s 0.92 to 1.47 MB/s 1.54 to 2.58 MB/s 1.84 to 3.07 MB/s
to/from host 16 MB/s (PIO MODE4 with IORDY), 16 MB/s (DMA MODE2)
Recording code 2-7 RLLC 2-7 RLLC 1-7 RLLC 1-7 RLLC
Interface ATAPI (ATA/ATAPI-4)
Head positioning method Direct Track Count
Load time 7 sec or less
Unload time 5 sec or less
Buffer size 512 KB

Physical Specifications

Power requirements
Ready 4.5 W typ.
Operating 5.3 W (R/W, seek) *3
Pre-idle 3.2 W typ.
Idle 2.0 W typ.
Standby 0.8 W typ.
Sleep 0.5 W typ.
Height 25.4 mm
Width 101.6 mm
Depth 146.0 mm
Weight 460g (without bezel)
Ambient temperature
Operating 5 to 45° C
Non operating 0 to 50° C
Gradient 15° C/h (operating)
Relative humidity
Operating 10 to 85%, no condensing
Non operating 5 to 90%, no condensing
Operating 0.4 G (5 to 500 Hz, sine sweep)
Non operating 1.0 G (5 to 500 Hz, sine sweep)
Operating 2.0 G (10 ms, half sine pulse)
Non operating 50 G (10 ms, half sine pulse)
Operating 3,000 m
Non operating 12,000 m

Reliability Specifications

MTBF *4 120,000 power on hours
MTTR *5 Less than 30 minutes
Component life 5 years
Recoverable errors 10 per 105 bits read
Unrecoverable errors 10 per 1013 bits read
Seek errors 10 per 107 seeks read
*1 Mathematical average of 1000 times of seek and does not include SCSI overhead nor track address recognition time. It depends on quality of the media, environment around the drive and so on.
*2 Maximum value is 35 ms.
*3 5 VDC +/- 5%, 1.06 A typ. 2.5 A max (R/W, random seek, without terminator) Max value is including peak current less than 500 µsec duration.
*4 Mean Time Between Failure
*5 Mean Time To Repair


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