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Fujitsu 3.5" 1.3GB MO Drive, External SCSI Model

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Name:Fujitsu 3.5" 1.3GB MO Drive, External SCSI Model
Retail Price:RM1,988.00

Features MCD3130SS

ISO 10090
ISO 13963
ISO 15041

Storage Capacity by Disk 128MB 230MB 540MB 640MB 1.3GB
Sector capacity 512 Bytes 2,048 Bytes
Random Seek Time 28ms
Average latency time 7 ms 9.3ms
Rotational speed 4500 rpm 3214 rpm
Recording density (BPI) 24,400 29,300 52,900 89,100
Track density (TPI) 15,875 18,275 23,090 28,200
Data transfer rate
Drive 1.3 MB/s 1.6-2.6 MB/s 2.9-4.9 MB/s 3.4-5.9 MB/s
Interface 5 MB/s (async)
10 MB/s (sync)
Recording code 2-7 RLL 1-7 RLL
Interface SCSI-2 (single-ended)
Average Load time 6 sec. 10.5 sec.
Average Unload time 3 sec.
Buffer size 2MB

Physical Specifications
Power requirement 5VDC±5%: 1.2A (ave.); 2.5A (max.)
Power requirements
Operating 5.6 W
Ready 4.5 W
Sleep 1.0 W
(H x W x D) 25.4 x 101.6 x 150.0 mm (with bezel)
Weight 465 g (with bezel)
Ambient temperature
Operating 5° C to 45° C
Non operating 0° C to 50° C
Relative humidity 10 to 85% (non-condensing)
Operating 0.4 G (5-500Hz)
Non operating 1.0G (5-500Hz)
Operating 2.0G (5 ms)
Non operating 50G (5 ms)
Operating 3,000 m
Non operating 12,000 m

Reliability Specifications
MTBF 120,000 hours

Industry-leading 1.3GB capacity
Utilizes Magnetic Super Resolution (MSR) technology
Fast SCSI-2 interface
Unlimited rewrite capability on MO disks
Data transfer rate up to 5.9MB/sec.
Reads and writes to 1.3GB, 640MB, 540MB, 230MB and 128MB disks

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