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Seagate Travan NS20, 20GB Tape Drive, Internal SCSI Model

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Name:Seagate Travan NS20, 20GB Tape Drive, Internal SCSI Model
Retail Price:RM1,850.00

Seagate's TapeStor Travan NS 20 SCSI tape backup solution offers both cost-effective and reliable data protection. Based on the industry-standard Travan format, it features up to 20 Gbytes of capacity per cartridge, backup speeds up to 120 Mbytes per minute, media, installation accessories and the award-winning Backup Exec software. TapeStor Travan NS drives are covered by a two-year limited warranty.

Features Benefits

Read While Write data verification Dual-head design verifies data as it is written, minimizing backup time

Hardware Data Compression Compression engine on tape drive minimizes host system CPU usage.

FastSense technology Matches drive speed with host system for most efficient operation

1-inch height form-factor fits 3.5-inch and 5.25-inch drive bays Exceptionally versatile backup solution

330,000 hour MTBF Highest reliability

Cyclic Redundancy Check and Error-Correction Code Highest data integrity

Includes Backup Exec, Seagate RSS version, server-only software for Windows NT/2000 Server and NetWare, in addition to Backup Exec for desktop
Highest reliability specification in the industry
Highest data integrity specification in the industry
Optimized with FastSense technology
Seagate provides a single source for all your storage needs, including tape backup and software
Supports Tape Alert


Technical Specifications Description Media type Travan Model name TapeStor Travan NS 20 Model number STT220000N-RCVT Interface type SCSI-2 Native Capacity (max) 10 Compressed (2:1) capacity (max) 20 Physical Specifications Form factor (width) 3.5-inch Form factor (height) 1-inch Height 25 mm Width 102 mm Length 157.5 mm Weight 0.5 kg Performance Tape data transfer rate (max) 1,000 Mbytes/min Sustained transfer rate (native) 60 Mbytes/min Sustained transfer rate (compressed) 120 Mbytes/min Max tape speed - read/write 94 Inches/sec Max tape speed - search/rewind 100 Inches/sec Default buffer (cache) size 2,000 Kbytes Configuration Recording format Travan 20 Recording method Serpentine 1,7 RLL Recording density 100,400 bits/inch Compatibility Read/write compatibility QIC-3220 (TR-5) Read-only compatibility Imation; Travan 8; QIC-3095 Media compatibility Imation Travan 20; Seagate STMT20G Electrical Requirements Current usage, Standby(+5V DC) 0.63 amps max Current usage, Standby(+12V DC) 0.25 amps max Current usage, Operation(+5V DC) 1 amps max Current usage, Operation(+12V DC) 1.8 amps max Current usage, max (12V) 2.2 amps Power usage, Idle 1 watts Power usage, Nominal 27 watts Power usage, Max Voltage tolerance & ripple 10 Environmental Specifications shock and vibration Operating shock (max) 3 Gs (11-msec) Nonoperating shock (max) 100 Gs (11-msec) Operating vibration (max) 0.5 Gs Nonoperating vibration (max) 1.5 Gs temperature and humidity Operating temperature (min) 5 deg C Operating temperature (max) 45 deg C Nonoperating temperature (min) -40 deg C Nonoperating temperature (max) 65 deg C Operating temperature change (max) 60 deg C/hour Operating relative humidity (max) 80 % Nonoperating relative humidity (max) 95 % Wet bulb temperature(max) 26 deg C altitude Operating altitude (min) -300 m Operating altitude (max) 4,500 m Nonperating altitude (min) -300 m Nonperating altitude (max) 16,000 m acoustics Operating acoustics (max) 55 dBA Reliability MTBF (20% duty) 330,000 hours Error rate < 1 per 1015 errors/bits read

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