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Time Tracer Data Recovery Systerm

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Name:Time Tracer Data Recovery Systerm
Retail Price:RM360.00

Time Tracer Data Recovery System (PCI Board)
Data protection that starts at the computers' most basic level (BIOS) using a constant mirrored image of all settings and data for ultimate protection - without the need to reformat.

Just install Time Tracer 3.55 on your personal PC, and it will protect all data and systems instantly. If systems get crash down, virus infection, or data loss, all you'll have to do is to give a commend and reboot your machine. Then, you will have your systems back to the best condition in ONE second. Systems and all data files are fully recovered, and junk virus files are completely removed. Therefore, systems are back to normal right away, solving your maintenance problems forever.

- Hidden safety control mode, most suitable for Internet Cafe
- PCI card design, prevent break into systems through Floppy or CD-ROM drives

Main Functions:
- Hidden safety control mode, most suitable for Internet Cafe
- Time Tracer 3.55 is using hardware design. You must press Hotkey to access program interface. If you are not an administrator, you won't be able to remove it from the system without password. It's the most desirable protection for public computer environment, much as Internet Cafe.

- The fastest recovery speed, Under 1 second to recover disk data back to the best condition 100%

- No matter how big the disk is, Time Tracer 3.55 only needs one second to recover back the system and data files, and remove virus completely. Instantly let computer recover back to the best condition.

- Support many kinds of recovery mode, full fill user needs

- Support Auto Recovery, Manual Recovery, Timer Recovery, Data Restore, Non Recovery modes, full fill users under different OS and needs.

- Unique “Dynamic Disk-space Management Technology” occupies the least hard disk capacity

- Installation of Time Tracer V3.55, only requires a minimal 0.05% of the total hard disk capacity. As such, users may best utilize the other 99.95% of the total hard disk capacity. On the other hand, installation of other brands requires an average of 10- 20% of the total hard disk capacity.

- The most stable product known by most customers and compatible with Dos, Window3.1, Window9x systems and above (including NT/XP/2003 server).

- CMOS settings can be guarded as well.

- Hard disk can be protected against I/O conflicts.

- The VxD (32-bit internal core) can be stored in the recovery card for the card to automatically install the VxD driver.
The driver (*.inf file) of the PCI interface card will be automatically installed by the recovery card.

- A restoring settings as "default values" function is provided, which is used to restore all parameters to their respective default value.

- The easy-to-operate interface has been synchronized with normal users operating conditions. A wide range of internally defined default values for the various parameters are provided as well as the "self customized" settings option to let users modify settings as necessary.

Added Convenience and Flexibility:
Four convenient protection modes are available when installing:

a) Protect the system drive only.
b) Protect all logical drives.
c) The last logical drive unprotected.
d) Customized protection.

Five data recovery modes are provided:

a) Non-recovery.
b) Auto-recovery.
c) Manual recovery.
d) Timer recovery.
e) Save data.

Easy to uninstall, without any data lost.
There is no need to set the size of reserved space during installation as the recovery card can dynamically allocate the reserved space size.

There is only one administrator password available. The administrator possesses all rights and access.
The hot key is provided for the convenience of installation. Simple installation can be achieved directly at the click of one key.

Settings information is easily available.

Special Benefits:
Protects multiple logical drives (up to 32) with no multiple boot functionality available.

Adopts plug & play recovery installation without losing any content on the original hard disk and with no need to re-partition the hard disk or reinstall the operating system.
All data can be restored and the hard disk can continue to used when the recovery card is out of order or after the card is taken out. Time Tracer 2000 will be automatically reinstalled when the recovery card is once again plugged in.

Auto-detection of the amount of residual reserved space and amount of data to be saved is available. The system will give the relevant warning when a certain percentage is reached.
For instance, the system can display the relevant hint when the usable space is in excess of xx% or the amount of data saved has reached xx% of the used space. Users themselves can set all these adjustable settings.

Supporting many operating systems:
Dos, Win3.1,Windows9x/Me/Windows NT, Windows 2000,Windows XP, Windows Server 2003

Supporting many file types:
FAT16, FAT32, NTFS file system

Supporting different hard drives and motherboards
Support the high-capacity hard disk with each brand of SCSI, EIDE, IDE and also support ATA33, ATA66, ATA100. Support all kinds of motherboards, Hardware compatibility is the top of the industry.

Hardware requirement:
Pentium III or above desktop computer,64MB memory or above, VGA color video card, CD-ROM, 1 PCI Slot (installing Time Tracer Card).

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