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Product Information
Serial Number: SPY-007
Retail Price: RM2,500.00

Covert Mini DVR with Pinhole Camera package, Surveillance and Counter Surveillance

Special Spy (Surveillance) Video Recording Gadget (As Advertised)

China Press/Sin Chew Daily Star Publications

Our Technology Innovation is "beyond your imagination",
with some products uniquely customised to meet our customer needs.
Please feel free to give us a call, to make an appointment with us:
1) To allow us to do a "live" demonstration on some 'unique' customized products.
2) Alternatively, to discuss with us about your specific requirements or your special needs.
3) Fabrication, modification and/or customization will be done accordingly.

Typical 'Finished' Product:

  • 1 x Pinhole camera (Wired or Wireless, optional: up to 4 cameras).

  • 1 x Special Mini DVR that automatically records "Audio and Video" on Motion 
    Detection (with date and time stamped) and capable of doing about 10 days 
    "Loop" (cycle) recording.
  • 1 x 32GB Mircro SD Card

  • Optional: Remote GPS Tracking, Remote Audio Listening, Remote 3G Video Viewing

The above All-in-One Special Spy (Surveillance) Video Recording Gadget 
is specially customized to “discreetly and secretly” record Video 
(+ Audio) events for Home, Office, Bank, ATM, Warehouse, Petrol Station, 
Cashier Counter, Kitchen, Ambulance, Car, Bus, Taxi, Train, 
Limousine and public property.
 Please fell free to call us, let us work on your Specific needs.