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RS422 / RS485 PCI CARD (4-PORT)
Product Information
Serial Number: 8157
Retail Price: RM880.00

Sunix RS-422/485 4-Port PCI Card (Model: 8157)
The 8157 32-Bit PCI Bus & Plug & Play RS-422/RS-485 card is equipped with 4 hugh speed RS-422/Rs-485 standard serial-interface. The serial port include 32 Byte FIFOs with speed up to 960Kb/Sec. The PCI card supports 4 wires RS-422/RS-485 full duplex and 2 wires RS-485 half duplex.

Packing consists of:
* 4 pieces of RJ-45 to 25pin Male cables
* Software Driver
* Hardware Guide
* Installation Guide
Hardware Specification: Hi-speed RS-422/485 interface
Mode of operation: Differential
Bus Transceivers: Full Duplex and Half Duplex selectable
Max Data Rate: 10MPps (250Kbaud on networks of up to 64 nodes)
Max Cable length: 400 feet
No.of Driver & Rx: RS-422 - 1 Driver, RS-485 - 10 Drivers
Allowed on 1 line: RS-422 - 10 Receivers, RS-485 - 32 Receivers
Bi-directional Surge Protection: 1500Vdc or 600Watts Peak Pulse Power
Fault Protection: +/- 60V for receiver input or driver ouptput

No Damage or Length to ESD:

Level 4: +/- 15KV Air Discharge
Level 2: +/- 4KV Contact Discharge

Interrupt: Plug & Play
I/O Address: Plug & Play
FIFO Length: 32 FIFOs (Hardware FIFO)

Hardware Requirement: 486/586/Pentium.Pentium II/III/IV
Operating Support: Win 3x,95,98,NT,XP.2000,Linux,DOS
Chips: 1 x SUN1889, 2 SUN1699
Connections: 4 x RJ45
PCB: 2 Layer / 120 x 105mm