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Product Information
Serial Number: MCJ3230SS
Retail Price: RM2,750.00

Fujitsu 2.3GB MO Disk Drive (Internal SCSI Model: MCJ3230SS)
The DynaMO range of magneto-optical drives are the storage solution for the professional: high capacity, fast, rugged and reliable drives, supporting a variety of interfaces, the Fujitsu DynaMO is the premier choice for people serious about their data.

These are some of the key benefits of Fujitsu DynaMO Magneto-Optical drives:

- High-capacity - at 2.3Gb around double that of a writable CD.
- Reusable - specified for over a million rewrite cycles.
- Fast - with an internal data transfer of over 6Mb/sec.
- Reliable - tough MO disks which can withstand almost anything.
- Easy - simple and straightforward to users to get to grips with.
- Used worldwide in research, medicine, graphic design and music production, the DynaMO range is trusted for industrial and professional applications everywhere.

DynaMO 2300SZI 2.3Gb Internal Magneto Optical Drive
- Internal SCSI drive.
- 2.3Gb unformatted capacity.
- 8Mb cache.
- 5.25" mounting kit, power and data cable.
- Drivers for Windows 95/98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
- Manufacturers part number CG01000-494601

- 2.3GB formatted capacity on a single-sided 3.5" disk
- Internal data transfer rate up to 8.38MB/sec
- Full read/ write compatibility with conventional ISO standard media (640/ 540/ 230/ 128MB) and Original GIGAMO standard media (1.3GB)
- Conforms to new 2.3GB GIGAMO standard adopting MSR technology together with land/ groove recording method
- Up to 30% faster write performance with OW (Direct-Overwrite) media.

Warranty: Strictly 1 month only, even though this item is brand new. This is due to the fact that Fujitsu has stopped production of this item.